Networks: ARVAN - Arkansas Vascular Access Network

Welcome to ARVAN.  Our mission is to provide area vascular access professionals with continuing education, product updates, advanced technology and networking opportunities, which enable them to provide "best practice" care for their patents, resulting in increased patent satisfaction and patient outcomes with their vascular access devices.


  1. Provide opportunities to obtain CEUs for vascular access professionals (VAP).
  2. Provide a network of resources for the VAP to submit input, obtain advice, support and address concerns regarding vascular access.
  3. Establish a chapter dedicated to improving patient outcomes related to vascular access.
  4. Increase community awareness that vascular access is a specialty that focuses on patient outcomes, best practice and improving lives


Membership dues are $30.00 yearly


Upcoming Events
ARVAN - Optimizing Patient Outcomes: MARSI Prevention and Catheter Securement
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
2018 Annual Scientific Meeting - More Information
Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pres-Elect/Vice Pres
Nick Carter
Mark S. Rowe
Presidential Advisor
Vicki Mabry
Rina Wooten
Naomi Crume