2016 PediSIG Candidates

Below are the 2016 Candidates that are running for the 2017 AVA PediSIG Board of Directors. Click on a candidate name to read their candidate spotlight message and learn more about why they are running. Voting will open September 2, 2016 and closes October 2, 2016.

Mary Beth Davis

Running for President-Elect

Pediatric Vascular Access is a vital component of a patient’s healthcare treatment plan and is often overlooked.  I am passionate about giving this critical subspecialty the dedication and attention it needs to dramatically improve the lives of all neonatal and pediatric patients.  We all want our patients/children/loved ones to get painless and reliable access on the least number of tries and be able to maintain access without infection or complication for as long as their treatment requires.  Obtaining this goal requires extensive awareness and effort.  I think that by working together we can makes this happen.  I currently am finishing up my 2 year position as secretary for the PediSIG and in addition to this I chair my institution’s CLABSI prevention taskforces, co-chair our pediatric venipuncture improvement group and guide our quality improvement initiatives for pediatric vascular access.  My experience in leading many ongoing project taskforces enables me to see the big picture of vascular access and how we need to continuously strive to do better

Molly Hufferd

Running for Secretary

My entire 13 year nursing career has been in pediatrics, with the last 7 years specializing in Pediatric Vascular Access.   I am currently the Education Coordinator for the Vascular Access Team at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  As the Education Coordinator for the past 5 years, I have had the opportunity to work on hospital wide committees as a content expert in the areas of CLABSI prevention, venous and central line care, maintenance and education, ultrasound guided access training and competency development and complications related to venous and central access.   

This would be my first position with PediSIG; however, I have a number of years in leadership experience through work at my hospital.   I am currently a member of the leadership team on the hospital wide CLABSI prevention committee and a co-lead of our new Peripheral IV Infiltration and Extravasation hospital acquired condition team.  I have served as the Interim Manager for our Vascular Access Team twice, each time choosing to stay in my role as the Education Coordinator.  My passion is creating and providing education for staff, patients and families that provide the skills to empower them to safely care for and work with central lines.   

I have great respect for the work that AVA and PediSIG has done, and currently doing, to help advance the practice of vascular access.  I am excited for the future of PediSIG.  I believe putting the patient first and working together to advance best practices in both the adult and pediatric settings will lead to improved patient outcomes.

Paula Lamagna

Running for
Director-At- Large

I have been a pediatric nurse at Boston Children's Hospital since 1983.   Over the years I have developed a passion for vascular access in complex patients of all ages.

My passion for pediatric vascular access and desire to be more involved in AVA has been supported by my colleagues encouraging me to consider this position for Director at Large.  I would share my clinical expertise, knowledge, leadership and networking experiences in collaboration with the leadership board of AVA as we expand our horizons and plan for the future to provide the best care for patients and families.

I have been an active member of AVA providing educational presentations in the Pre-Conference and panel discussions in the Peds Coffee talk since 2014.  Pursuing my passion in vascular access I took the inaugural VA-BC exam and have maintained my certification thru VACC.  I was a member of the VA-BC review task force and participated the standards setting in review of the exam questions.  I completed my Certified Picc Ultrasoud Insertion thru Picc Excellence and maintained my certification.  I am an active member of my local network, MAVAN.  I have presented at both evening quarterly meetings and our annual all day conference on "Skin Care Issues in the Pediatric Picc Patients" and Care and Maintenance of Picc Lines in Pediatric Patients".

Amanda Ullman
RNM, BNurs, Grad Cert PICU, MAppScim, PhD(c)

Running for
Director-At- Large

As an experienced pediatric clinician and researcher, I am passionate about improving vascular access outcomes for our patients, and their families.  

I am a skilled contributor to leadership committees, as the founder and co-chair of the Australian Vascular Access Society Paediatric Special Interest Group, and a leader within the Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR) Group and the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses.

My involvement as an international contributor will expand the scope and direction of PediSIG, with a focus on the development of high quality evidence to support practice. I will aim to carry on and grow the current PediSIG objectives, developing a dynamic, supportive, and communicative community of informed interdisciplinary pediatric vascular access clinicians and consumers.