Impact Award

The Impact Award will honor and recognize an AVA member(s) who has made significant contributions to the specialty practice of vascular access at a local level. This award will be awarded to one to three members each year. The members nominated for this award will have demonstrated examples of exceptional leadership within their organization, community and/or region.

We would like to congratulate our three Impact Awards Winners for 2016!

• Darilyn Cole     • Connie Girgenti     • Christine Thomas


2017 Nominations will open May 2017

The nominee's professional performance will be scored using the following riteria:

  • Exhibits commitment to the AVA mission
  • Demonstrates exceptional and sustained participation, leadership and/or contributions to the specialty practice of vascular access within one’s organization, community and/or region
  • Possesses a minimum of five years’ experience in the specialty practice of vascular access
  • Exhibits sustained commitment to advancing the practice of vascular access through education, clinical practice, research and/or technological innovation or advancement
  • Motivates, mentors and inspires the professional development of others
  • Establishes and maintains a high level of integrity and performance by leading through example
  • Demonstrates evidence of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary collaboration to promote optimal outcomes
  • Develops, reviews and/or applies evidence to enhance the specialty of vascular access and ensure evidence-based practice
  • Promotes public and professional awareness of the specialty practice of vascular access

The Award

(Below is the information for the 2016 award. Check back after the 2017 nominations open for current information about the award)

The award recipient(s) will be awarded a complementary registration to attend the 2016 AVA Annual Scientific Meeting (Pre-Meeting Workshop registration not included), and will be recognized and presented with an award during the annual meeting.  If a recipient is unable to attend the 2016 annual meeting, the registration may be deferred to the next year. The registration is not transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Nomination Rules

  • Nominations must be submitted electronically at
  • A complete nomination requires signatures of 3 supporters and the nominee’s CV.
  • Those people nominating or supporting can only submit on behalf of 1 nominee per year.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • Current AVA Board Members may not nominate, be nominated or review nominations.
  • Nominations due no later than May 31, 2016.
  • The AVA Board of Directors appoints a review team to review and score the nominations.
  • Those selected for the review team may not nominate or support a current year’s nominee.
  • Nominations are reviewed and scored based upon defined criteria listed above.

How to Submit Your Nomination

  1. Find 2 other people to support your nominee.  Supporters can come from any of the following categories: colleague, recipient of care or a significant other, employer, supervisor, mentor, mentee, or community service organization.
  2. Review the Nomination Form.
  3. Collaborate with your supporters to complete the Nomination Form; explain why you are nominating this individual and provide facts that will support each of the above listed criteria.
  4. Upload the Nomination Form and the nominee’s CV at no later than May 31, 2016. 
Any questions about these guidelines or how to nominate can be sent to Tonya Hutchison at