Freedom from CRBSI is a basic right of all patients.  As a leader in the field of vascular access, AVA is committed to patient safety and has launched the new and improved I SAVE That Line! to support health care organizations worldwide in that effort.

I SAVE That Line! carries the simple message of keeping patients safe by employing simple and timely management strategies for vascular access devices and reinforces a culture of patient safety.

I SAVE stands for:

I - Implement Insertion, Care, and Maintenance Bundles
S - Scrupulous Hand Hygiene
A - Always Disinfect Every Needleless Connector
V - Vein Preservation
E - Ensure Patency

I SAVE That Line! is an important educational and reinforcement tool for:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Radiology personnel
  • Administrators
  • Medical device manufacturers and sales professionals
  • EVERYONE who works with vascular access devices or are concerned with patient safety

We feel our program is unique in that it not only provides information related to best practices inserting and accessing vascular devices, but also offers a critical component, which highlights methods to motivate colleagues to adopt these practices.  We are soliciting collaboration and cooperation for this campaign from professional organizations, industry, government agencies, and healthcare organizations.  

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For more information, contact AVA at 1-877-924-AVA1 or email .