Networks: CVAN - Central Valley Vascular Access Network


Central Valley Vascular Access Network (CVAN) is the Central Valley's local network of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) whose motto is "promoting excellence in vascular access".

CVAN, like AVA is dedicated to providing education to health care professionals regarding new technologies and studies in vascular access and to improve patient care through evidence based practice.

We are an organization made up of multidisciplinary professionals who believe that our primary focus is to deliver quality patient care by continuously improving our knowledge and skill base. It is CVAN's aim to accomplish this goal for health care professionals throughout the Central Valley, California.

We invite all who are interested to become an annual member of CVAN and take advantage of our informational meetings as well as the wonderful networking opportunities CVAN affords.

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Karen Strable
Sabrina N. Daughtry