Networks: MINNIVAN - Minnesota Vascular Access Network

Our Mission

Minnivan is a networking organization committed to the development and advancement of the vascular access specialty. Minnivan’s goals are focused on patient safety, satisfaction and positive outcomes.

In collaboration with our partners in the product industry we are devoted to providing educational opportunities that promote awareness of best clinical practices, incorporation of latest research findings, and use of newly developed innovative technologies to achieve these goals.

Minnivan was established in 2003 to provide support for local professionals involved in the vascular access industry. The board members of Minnivan are volunteers who are practicing in the field of vascular access or work in some capacity related to the industry. Board members follow regulations set forth by the parent organization at the national level. Originally intending to support the vascular access nursing profession specifically, the organization has since grown and has been able to support and provide networking for a wide variety of professionals including the following:

  • hospital and homecare nursing staff
  • clinical educators
  • clinical managers
  • nurse practitioners
  • physicians
  • pharmacists
  • infectious disease specialists
  • industry product representatives
  • product entrepreneurs and engineers

Membership is available to anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the specialty of vascular access. Membership fees are fixed by the Board and must be accompanied by a completed application form. However, membership is not necessary to participate in the educational offerings Minnivan provides; non-members can attend individual events throughout the year as well.

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Upcoming Events
MinniVAN- 16th Annual Spring Conference
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Director at Large
Mary Deschneau
Director at Large
Deborah J. McKane
Director at Large
Linda Phalen
Angela Lowrie
Presidential Advisor
Cynthia Dautel
Brett Lundberg