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The Association for Vascular Access provides publications for our membership, vascular access professionals, and the general public.

Journal of the Association for Vascular Access (JAVA)

AVA's peer-reviewed professional scientific journal is published quarterly. It is FREE to AVA members as a benefit of membership, or is available through subscription.

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Intravascular Quarterly

Our electronic newsletter, published quarterly, keeping vascular access professionals up-to-date on important AVA news and the latest technological and educational information. Intravascular Quarterly (IQ) is distributed by email to AVA members as a benefit of membership and is also available on our website.

AVA offers advertising space to all manufacturers of vascular access devices and related products to promote in the New Products section of IQ and the AVA website. AVA does not endorse any products, only presents them for your information.

A New Product ad is $500. We will place your ad in the next issue of IQ as well as place your ad on the New Products section of the AVA website for a period of 2 months.

AVA and IQ promote thought leadership to the international vascular access community. If you are interested in taking advantage of a great opportunity, please send a brief product description (approx. 50 words) and a photograph (jpeg or tiff format) to the IQ Editor at eseger@avainfo.org. Products should be new to the market within 12 months of IQ publication date and have FDA approval if applicable. If you have questions, call 1-877-924-AVA1.

PEDIATRIC Guidelines and CVC Maintenance Bundles Chart

Practice Guidelines in the Care and Maintenance of Pediatric Central Venous Catheters

Study Guide for Vascular Access Certification

This study guide is intended to provide an overview of basic vascular access-related knowledge with which a vascular access clinician should be familiar, to assist in preparation for taking the Vascular Access Certification exam. This guide is NOT a vascular access textbook, and is not intended to be comprehensive in content. References listed provide summary information, as it is not the usual practice to study every published article that supports the following content. The summary articles do provide extensive references for those persons who wish to read the original articles cited.