Future AVA Scientific Meetings

(Pre-Meeting will be October 3rd, 2019)

Registration for AVA 2019 will open March 2019

AVA's hotel room block will be at Caesars Palace.  Room rate will be $226 inclusive of resort fee.   Resort fee includes internet and fitness center access.  AVA has negotiated best rates over the length of stay over the meeting dates.  Should you book outside the AVA block at Caesars or any other hotel, AVA is not responsible for accommodations.  AVA's room block will open in February 2019 to book rooms.


   Locations will be revealed at the prior annual meeting and then posted here

   AVA 2020 - September 12-15 (Sept. 11 Pre-Meeting)

   AVA 2021 - September 16-19 (Sept. 15 Pre-Meeting)

   AVA 2022 - September 30 - October 3 (Sept. 29 Pre-Meeting)

   AVA 2023 - October 14 - 17 (Oct. 13 Pre-Meeting)