2017 JPS Winner Stephanie Pitts
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Congratulations to Stephanie pitts

Named 2017 Janet Pettit Scholar in Neonatal and/or Pediatric vascular access

AVA and the Pediatric Special Interest Group (PediSIG) wish to congratulate Stephanie Pitts as this year’s 2017 Janet Pettit Scholar recipient. 

Ms. Stephanie Pitts, MSN, RN, CPN, VA-BC exemplifies the qualities of Dr. Pettit by sharing her knowledge, talent, and leadership in the field of pediatric vascular access. She has presented nationally and has authored many scholarly works dedicated to the research of pediatric vascular access.

As the PediSIG president, Stephanie was instrumental in overseeing the publishing of the 2nd Edition of the Best Practice Guidelines in Pediatric Central Venous Catheter and worked diligently to get the guidelines endorsed by both SPN and APHON.   She continued to grow the mission and vision of the PediSiG by leading a full day live-broadcasted webinar from conception to implementation.  She was also instrumental in the development and first steps of the 1M Pokes Campaign.

Stephanie is known for her big heart and timeless efforts spent as a mentor, leader, advocate, educator, marketer and one of the best clinical experts in pediatrics.

Please join AVA and the Pediatric Special Interest Group boards in congratulating Stephanie Pitts as the 2017 Janet Pettit Scholar.