I SAVE That Line
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AVA launched the ISAVE That Line campaign in 2006 to bring crucial principles of vascular access device management directly to the bedside. Putting patients first, ISAVE encourages and emphasizes a “back to basics” approach, essential to reducing the risk of infection and improving the management of all vascular access devices.

Spearheaded by the late Janet DeLong Pettit, MSN, RNC, NNP, the goal is to not only simplify the education for professionals providing vascular access care and maintenance, but to deliver these strategies with optimal and unrelenting compliance.

ISAVE stands for:

I Implement insertion care and maintenance bundles
S Scrupulous hand hygiene
A Always disinfect every needleless connector
V Vein Preservation
E Ensure Patency

It is easy to implement ISAVE into your healthcare facility. Visit the AVA Online Store to obtain cards, lanyards, T-shirts and other ISAVE assets to share with and educate your colleagues as you execute the program’s directive.

Purchasing official ISAVE assets directly helps AVA advance its mission, which is Protect the Patient | Educate the Clinician | Save the Line. You can also support the AVA Foundation, which focuses on advancing Education, Research and Innovation in vascular access.

Take the pledge, be involved and join AVA in our mission to keep our patients free of infection!


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