Network Officer Resources

AVA is committed to providing members the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of vascular access and related fields through networking opportunities and education. Your AVA Network is essential for providing these opportunities and education in your area. Thank you for your commitment and leadership to AVA Networks.

Each meeting should include discussions about AVA, AVA membership, and the purpose of your network.  It should also include AVA's Mission, Vision and discussions about the Value of AVA.

Below you will find resources and helpful information to strengthen and grow your Network.


Meeting Resources


Resources to present and share at your Network Meeting




Officer Resources


Resources for Network Officers




Professional Development


Offer CE's at your Network Meeting




Submit Forms


Submit CE Forms to AVA for approval

  • Submit all forms electronically to Network CE
  • Please allow at least 10 business days for review and approval
  • Include the following (See CE Policy for full details):
    • CE Application
    • Speaker CV or Resume
    • Copy of Advertising/Marketing Flyer
    • Copy of Speaker Slides