Pediatric Special Interest Group


What is a Special Interest Group?

We are a multidisciplinary group of practitioners dedicated to best practice in the science of vascular access for children and infants.

Why should you join us?

It is your pathway to knowledge. No matter what your specialty within pediatrics, vascular access is a part of that specialty. Enhance your knowledge and stay current in practice by multidisciplinary participation and engagement at all levels from novice to expert.

What are the benefits?

  • International Interactive virtual community dedicated to pediatric vascular access
  • Best Practice Guidelines in Pediatric Central Venous Catheters
  • Education from basic to advanced
  • Pediatric course offerings at AVA's annual Scientific Meeting
  • Collaboration and research opportunities
  • Quarterly scientific journal & Quarterly electronic newsletter



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Join us!  Help raise awareness through research, education, tool development, and partnership to find solutions to reduce needle sticks for infants and children around the world.


Create a vision for future research to contribute evidence that is currently lacking in pediatric vascular access.

Special Skills & Knowledge

Determine the groundwork of education and special skills required to preserve children's precious vasculature and how to share that knowledge.


Generate tools that help build skills needed to implement change.


Develop collaborative relationships with pediatric focused organizations and institutions to raise awareness and champion change.

Every child entering a hospital setting will likely experience a needle stick.  Children fear being poked.  This is the greatest fear for hospitalized children.  As pediatric healthcare providers we are taking a stand to improve needle stick success for children around the world. 

Our initial task-forces are underway!  Check back soon to see how you can become further involved.

Check Back Soon for Volunteer Opportunities