Corporate Membership

AVA Corporate Membership is for Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Infusion Providers, Home Health Agencies, Government Agencies, and Distributors interested in enhancing the care and management of vascular access through a multidisciplinary team effort.


AVA believes that manufacturers of vascular access related products play an integral part in education and research in the field of vascular access management.  Membership in AVA is open to any corporation with an interest in vascular access management.  Members include manufacturers of intravascular catheters and infusion equipment, pharmaceutical companies, home infusion companies, and providers of educational products and services.

Annual Dues

Dues are renewed at the beginning of each calendar year.  This gives members a full twelve months to take advantage of all benefits offered throughout the year.


Membership is available on 4 different levels.  The benefits offered are contingent on the level of membership desired.   to view the different benefit levels.

Corporate Membership offers a unique way to contribute to the art and science of vascular access and receive valuable benefits.  Please contact Tonya Hutchison if you have any questions.  801-792-9079 

AVA dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes. Consult your tax advisor, as they may be deductible under sections of the tax code.